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I let myself fall Not so I can stand up again, But so I can stay down Down and depressed I am my worst enemy I make myself believe terrible things
Often times, I struggle to find myself. On the brink of adulthood, I have a few foolish ambitions. I am a writer of sorts, Some concur, But I only use my pen to release the tension in my veins.
I am water formless flexible soft and slow powerful potent on with the flow   
I am unsure of where to start. Although, I am sure that what I am about to say is true for me.
Self-advocacy, voice, and equipping yourself with anything you will need all come down to one factor; you. The support you receive from your surroundings all come down to one thing; you.  
Stitches of Melody
The One and Only   Every night, I lie awake in my bed, I can’t sleep, a flurry of thoughts plaguing my mind, Sometimes I smile as I recount the hours I spent, Sometimes I weep in shame of my actions,
I am... The thought ponders in my head, Am I defined by what people think of me or what I believe to be? How am I unique? I guess the answer lies in me   I try to perfect my physique
Life is not about who you want to be one day Life is about who you are today Life is confusing and complicated
I was shy, unknown, and scared. People weren’t my thing and public speaking was a nightmare. Spending time alone was my favorite pass time. Then I left the country for a year. A youth exchange program.
Being a hopeless romantic stuck in a hookup culture is a special kind of hell. 
  Life is an ordeal, We're told what to do, what to say, what to feel, Every day we have a choice, To stay silent or raise our voice, To stay in bed or face the world.
I am modern art. People love to tell me what I am, What I stand for, And what I can never be. Like they have a clue Like they have the right to rape me with their Wikipedia-based art degrees.
I am power.  I carry the weight of generations of family before me. I sacrifice to show my appreciation and love. My choices represent and honor those who have guided me. I wear the mantle.
 Stereotypes reign upon every aspect of our spherical home we call a world, and as a young colored Hispanic woman, I’ve met my fair share of them growing up.
I am built of many things. Strong, selfless, and determined. I am far from weak. I am courageous for my battles I have won. I am my locks of hair I shed. I am my nightless hours of sickness. I am my parents sadness. I am my hidden fear. I am hope.
I am sensitive and hopeful. I wonder about my future. I hear whispers of my past. I see happiness. I want to be prosperous. I am wondrous.  
  i am the define of unique imperfection in between my tight fluffy hair symbolizes my natural sistah define
I am...love. Adoration shows as a single twinkle in my eye. Sigh , I smile bright and want others to shine in delight with me. Maybe, engulfed in darkness, I will lend a hand if able. Stable, is my grip for I want to help. Welp, that's me.
Pages, pages,pages The beginning of a lifetime love, New friends, old faces, new villains, old adversaries. Pages, pages, pages   Chapters, chapter,chapters
Peeping at the world from behind her mothers hand, she gasped in awe at what was before her, curious for more. However, as she grew, her skill of precision
I am from the crowded hallways that seem to never end, from the suburban of the city that never sleeps. I am from the house that is now full, the one that is now forever complete
I am a seventeen year old teenager who lends her life to others. I am the mistakes I made when I was sixteen, fifteen, and years past. I am every emotion bottled into one, form-fitted body.
I always dreamed of what I would be A pilot, a doctor, it was a mystery  As I have aged now I see Who would have thought this would be me I am a scholar, musician, a man with good friends
I Am... Two words that carry the weight  Two words that can define  Two words that can shape   Or break that very same perosn Who Am I.... Three words that stump the most intelligent
It kills me inside to not be able to say this It kills me even more when I hear people say 'your just confused All the girls your age goes through this, its normal' But what they do not know is how I really feel.  
I am Me Who do you want to be? A pilot, a doctor, an architect  You can't be a pilot You can't see past the clouds You can't be a doctor You need to be smart to be a doctor
I started small.   I don't mean this purely in physicality,  Though, physically speaking, I was purely small And purely pure, as well.  
The world describes me as an immigrant,  but I am a girl, mother, daughter, women and sister Immigrant to those that don't understand that were are all immigrants
Growing up,I thought I'd be A superhero with flying capabilities I would travel through time at warp speed Fighting to death, and still not bleed   Soaring the skies with my cape
Flashes of influence Am I beautiful? Black girl with kinky curls My curls aren't loved My skin just right Not to dark ,not to light Black beauty is what I posses Is it enough for the world's press?
  Trials and tribulations are part of life, They give to many, new experiences to learn and grow. From the aching pains of body, to minds of strife,
I live on a Tennessee mountain, and that is where my standards lie. Courageous, erudite, selfless, my bar is set very high. I became a leader to the younger, with service at its base,
Tiny tutu-clad twirler Starry-eyed gazer at the “big girls” across the floor Sticky fingers clutching a tattered stuffed rabbit Dizzily spinning to Raffi singable songs   Awkward middle schooler
I am unique and wierd tall but feel small as I walk through the halls of my school unsure who to talk to but I must be brave  for life only gets hard and someone will noticed me.  
I am me the perfect defintion for what it means to be myself a beautiful creation crafted by the hands of God a person functioning in the world without wealth.   I am me
I got my ups  and my downs I got big dreams to make it big my paths are block to move towards my goals anxious, worried, impatient I just got to believe no matter what stands in my way
My mother, my best friend, so dear, throughout my life you've always been near. A tender smile to guide my way, You are the sunshine that lights my day.
I am a Leader who belivieves in the future of others I am a human that like all people go through troubles I am Brave Fighting through the world as it crumbles I am Broken
Who am I, you ask? How long do you have? To well meaning "adults" I am simply data within a system. A system that determines your worth on sets of numbers and labels.
I Am…. Human Female A twin A single organism broken up by my DNA. Hundreds of tiny cells each creating my image.
Oh how innocent you are with eyes so bright. Head full of dreams and having nothing but goals. Ready to take on the world so excited to explore but there is something you must need to know, you're not a pretty girl.
I am the girl you were warned about. The girl built from fire and stone― The girl who swallows the stars and extinguishes the sun―
Religion is a touchy subject And people very rarely ask what religion you are But even though they don’t ask They guess They characterize you White skin, black hair, almond eyes
I am...Ms. Understood Someone who is not properly understood To some degree, misdiagnosed Underestimated yet accomplished An Asperian, with hopes and dreams Beyond my IQ I may be a wallflower,
My eyes open   to see the new day My heart beats to the pulse of the future My life continues  to the hope of tomorrow I am alive even when I don't think I am      
I Am.   Who a I? Do you even have the time?
Messi or Ronaldo, who is the best The soccer players of the age  No matter which is less   They are the ones at the top No one can dispute Neither give up, and they never stop
Hydrocephalus? What is it? Hydrocephalus is when fluid accumulates in the brain enlarging the head that sometimes causes brain damage, But that’s only if is not known on time.
I am Loud, I am the sound of a bolt of lightning on a stormy day I am the sound of an internal conversation about fireflies and the endless questions of the universe
From the smell of the weight room leather, to the dirt stain on my cheek, I practce the hardest and grunt the loudest, I am a thrower. Both strong metal ball, disc, technique, and my strength.
14 years of being sad Crying every day and every night Not knowing who I am Fighting with myself As well as everyone else 14 years of panic attacks Skipping class and passing out Losing friends
I Am.... I Am a little seed that is slowly growing into a rose.  I Am a little girl that is being raised by her grandmother. I Am a hurt little girl without my parents. I Am a tomboy.
I was somebody who didn't take anything seriously I was somebody who didn't care about school  and wasted away my time doing unimportant things I was somebody who didn't care about others
My pain,Exceeds no others,Some might relate to only having a mother.I'm different,I think, I know Pops still got love for me,When I see him again, I know he'll have a hug for me.
I am the one seeking truth  Jesus said "I am the way, the truth, and the life" I am JFK's last speech, killed for speaking trurth Little do they now they're leading me to life Let me lead you guys to Christ 
I am  strong yet broken.
I am... A Nomad.   I long for the soles of my feet
I'm a crack in the glass Imperfection at its finest Riveted and broken This is me I'm the spark in a fire Causing disaster burnt and Devastated  This is me 
I am still adjusting to this new life.  I wonder why bad things happen. I hear of more and more Chiraq causalities daily. I see the city as one large time bomb. 
She woke up when she met him. Not the first time, not even the hundreth time. 
Who am I? I'm the girl with the opened mind The constant kind companion to those around me
Can someone truly be defined?
Standing here Not okay Trapped in my sanity Boxed day by day Feeling numb Empty and bored Screamng inside Eternal void Many titles, faces, and taits But deep down under
I am the girl who is shown endless kindness. The one who has been given the world. The one who has a beautiful house and loving home. The one who has open arms to run to, no matter what.
I am bold when I want to be The person you see today is the result from handwork in school Effort in day to day tasks   I am creative I like to draw and watch anime
Little boys little girls follow your dreams little boys little girls  dream dream dream  Wait, do you call them dreams or nightmares  the dreams of who you are and what you want to be
I am a stranger A stranger to you A stranger to me A stranger to life I know who I am But I don't know myself Everything is different Yet nothing has changed Uncomfortable in my own skin
I will not be another name or just another face. I am a light skinned girl No that doesn't make me any better. I have been through a lot and yes that does make me stronger
What an honor it is to stand in this moment. A mind filled with curiosity. A heart pumping with courage. Look from where I’ve departed – A vast season’s change From where this story started.
I am an insignificant bug Not relevant enough to be classified I will stay this way Or so I thought
Skeptically Optimistic is what I am; it’s a contradiction I know But I’ve come a long way in order to show marginal growth See negativity used to greatly flow through my soul
I am from the s
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