I am Loud

I am Loud, I am the sound of a bolt of lightning on a stormy day
I am the sound of an internal conversation about fireflies and the endless questions of the universe
Like, "How can the stars be so bright but fireflies shine too?"
I am a firefly- surrounded by an endless sea of stars,
I am not bright. I am Loud.
The sounds of my wings smacking in an attempt to get noticed is as powerful as the swooshing of the falling stars,
I have no confines. The endless jars and traps give way to be noticed.
I am Loud. I am noticed.
The only fears that hinder me are those of my own failing, but I am me.
I am bright. I am strong.
Giving homage to the strength of kindness. I pass along “Thank you’” and “You look beautiful” as if it is the latest gossip.
I build up those around me. Similar to how I used to build up my own walls.
I understand the pain of being a firefly in the sea of stars. My only advice is “be loud”.
We are all made us the dust of stars.
But we don’t all witness beauty from the confines of jars.

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