A Walkling Contradiction


United States

Skeptically Optimistic is what I am; it’s a contradiction I know

But I’ve come a long way in order to show marginal growth

See negativity used to greatly flow through my soul

Had me feeling like bad thoughts and I were eloped.

It wasn’t until I learned that my mind is what can determine

Whether my future has despair or hope,

I can be depressed all day or I can get out and achieve my goals

But I realized at the same time that the world is not just sunshine and roses

Causes there are enemies in the background like a shadow posing

So I must tread lightly and be weary of human serpents when I’m coasting

So this means I must be jovially observant, like a friendly convenient store merchant

I must have hope for what’s in store

Between positive and negative I could go in either direction more

But that wouldn’t be who I am at the core.

Skeptically Optimistic, Suspiciously Confident, all oxymoron’s

A contradiction shows my true depiction

Which is a person with a tremendous amount of personality, charisma and conviction.

Giving dollars to various benevolent causes to chip in, but won’t take a seat in a dirty chair

Cause it’s gross to sit in. I don’t know my life’s mission.

But I do know I need relationships with other walking discrepancies, I’m loving, sad, and sometimes I lack empathy, but I don’t need your sympathy, us contradiction’s

Are used to the treatment like cancer victims. I, the contradiction’s, ONLY competition is myself, the ignition.

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