I Am a Victim of Expired Medication

She was squatting on the dark

worn out

green bench.

Kids’ echoing laughs passed by.

Her head pointed up to the bright blue sky.

A loud giggle of a toddler squealed in the air.

Water trickled down to her chin.

No it wasn't raining.

It was the best weather ever.


Smoke coiled around her body, seeping out her mouth.

That it would soon be her noose,

she knew.

A woman coughed, and glared at her with the eyes of the murderer.


She was a reject.

Her left hand firmly choked the addicting,

poisonous bottle by its neck

But everyone was happy.


Then she tipped to the side,

and hit the concrete with an impact enough to shake the world

the world would shed tears

but they'd quickly sink into the earth

like the rain

Yet no one noticed a thing?


I heard a rattle,

like a harmless snake

My feet hovered over her

And I picked up a pill




It read.


There was too much left,

for it to be an overdose.

But it looked moldy, and stale.

So ugly.


Ah is that it?

Was it a mark of time that was rotting its core?


it was


very old.


Yet she was so similar

So similar...similar...


to me?

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My community
Our world
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