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Landing in Bali, you are greeted by the hot and humid weather,Tourists throng from world over, going hither and thither,The colorful atmosphere on arrival is a prelude to fun that is in store in this haven,
I pick up the red and black pants that I saw you wearing in those pictures that I look at all the time, And I really thought that by know, I would be able to call you mine.
Visitors land in Athens engulfed with a feeling of great excitement in the air,Renowned for its rich history, it is as if Greece is waiting to lay it's soul bare,
My first ex and I only lasted long enough to celebrate Valentine’s Day. And my next ex was there for my birthday, but didn’t want the commitment. So I didn’t let him stick around long enough to take Halloween too
I was so angry that I wanted to give my wife a slap.She went to the mall and a baby was kidnapped.She kidnapped the baby because we couldn't have one of our own.
This Christmas Season, I wish my parents were still around.But they both died in 2013 and they're buried in the ground.The last Christmas I spent with them was almost a decade ago.
Somebody may have already uttered
When you visit Rome, it is as if history beckons,All other thoughts are secondary to reckon,Stunning architecture and ruins does the mind conjure,While being tempted to look at the bigger picture  
I won't let this Christmas song fade away, though the sea washes its dirt to shore, and the sun fades away at evening, I'll keep every single word to heart, and let its bells jingle in my soul,
On Easter, a day thousands of years old, traditions have changed but the story’s retold.   From Eastern festivals to Christian new life, to bunnies and baskets and fields with eggs rife.
Christmas just around the corner. Holidays both near and far. Celebrations everywhere now, So why do I feel so left out? Don't have anywhere to go, Feeling lost and all alone,  Oh what can I do,
The sounds of joy during the holidays The warm climate, nothing like the cold december i know Music bounces from walls to walls Kids laughter laced with nothing but joy They who don't know what a christmas dinner is What christmas presents are or
I was happy, TV nightly, As a family,   Simple pleasures, ‘Any Umbrellas?’ Family holidays,   I was happy, Perhaps the world was happy, Or happier at least.
Granada is a town that holds quite well its very own, With an unique culture blend that is difficult to disown,There is the confluence of diverse religions,Which frankly, is nothing short of legion  
It was nostalgic while landing in early October at Zurich airport,After twenty years, the revisit meant I could have something new to report,It's always exciting to be back in Switzerland,
Cordoba is home to the largest mosque in the world,The Mezquita's architectural splendour is a stunning monument to behold,It is a confluence of Jewish, Islamic and Christian trinity,
A tourist's delight is London and not without reason,If you think otherwise, you can't be forgiven,The British culture is something in which the Britons pride,You have no option but to take this in your stride  
As I embark on my bucket-list travels,There is something I wish to unravel,To see my skills at penning poetry,Over which currently I have no mastery  
Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Qwanza! Whatever holiday you choose, This is the magical time of the year. There is so much we can do. It does not hurt to take a break and celebrate.
It's funny how stuff works out, No matter how loud I shout, You can't hear. It's funny how shrill I cry, Funny how much I try To disappear. But it's the holiday season, so what is my reason to die?
Ode to the Hard Holidays Whether it’s Christmas Family coming together Celebrate the birth of Christ Gratefulness Whether it’s Thanksgiving
Stars in the night Shepherds and wise men saw the star, That let them to the king of all
Some people Love it Hate it Indifferent  I hate them  I go into a daze I get depressed I cry for no reason I have mood swings I feel like rather  Than everyone is
A midsummer’s day sun Prickling for attention   It’s aggravating rays Praying for an end to dog days   And when the days grow short
The Christmas spirit is in the air What a joy it is for everyone Families gather around the tree And have so much fun So jovial and jubilant Of a delightful mood Everyone is in such a frivolous manner
Seasonal criminal How you strike when it snows It's not something physical You put on the shows Seasonal criminal Wrap me in a scarf Wrap me in subliminal Wrath, force me to starve
Every Christmas was a good Christmas when you were around.But it stopped being good after you were lowered ino the ground.
On the first day of Christmas, My true love gave to me, A partridge in a pear tree. I have a Bradford pear tree in My front yard, But what the heck is a partridge?
You were taken from your own home To get us through this holiday. I know that must be bothersome, But accept you are here to stay.   Suffocated in lights of white, And weighted down with memories.
America!   America!   Our flag is flying high   in parades held over graves   of those who have died.
I can fly
My astronomic family and I get around
Slow, Silent, and Cold
Still waters run deep Through the sweeping vast gully Where undulating clouds Leave stains of great rain
Snow drifting, falling to the ground Fire burning, family all around It's the time I've been dreaming of so long The first snow I walk outside, staring up in bliss Spin in circles, shriek at all I've missed
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