In Jail For The Holidays

I was so angry that I wanted to give my wife a slap.
She went to the mall and a baby was kidnapped.
She kidnapped the baby because we couldn't have one of our own.
I didn't know she'd do it, I would've tried to stop her if I had known.
I had no choice but to call the police and turn her in.
She was arrested and she's in jail because of her sin.
I didn't know what she was capable of when we got hitched.
I didn't want to be an accessory to kidnapping so I snitched.
Christmas is nearly here and she'll be in jail for the holidays.
She committed a horrible crime and now she will have to pay.
It was very painful to turn my own wife in, I didn't want to do it.
But she shouldn't have kidnapped that baby, she really blew it.
The rightful parents got their baby back and their Christmas won't be ruined after all.
But they hate my wife because she kidnapped their baby when she went to the mall.
She will rot in prison for twenty years for committing a crime that was so bad.
I can't afford the bail money, she will be in jail for the holidays and that is sad.


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