Hard Holidays

Ode to the Hard Holidays

Whether it’s Christmas

Family coming together

Celebrate the birth of Christ


Whether it’s Thanksgiving

Family coming together

Celebrate the first harvest


Whether it’s the 4th of July

Family coming together

Celebrate independence


Holidays when people come together

People with undying love for each other

Maybe even people

That hate each other

But on holidays

Most everyone has a place

Apology to the Hard Holidays

While in your warm, cozy house

Laughing and eating

Do you ever think of those

Who’s moms get drunk every holiday

While they hide in their room

Hoping she doesn’t come down the stairs

The children taken from their families

Or left by them

Do you think about the

People on the streets

Scrounging food from the happy families

Leaving expensive restaurants

Not taking a second look

Holidays should bring people together

But what about the ones that have nowhere to go

But hiding in their room

Or on the streets

Without family


This poem is about: 
Our world


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