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Dear Old Self,    How are you?  It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  I would be lying if I said I missed you.  If I can recall, it took a while to erase away the bad memories of you, and now you want back in? 
Dear mane, I used to be ashamed to say that you’re mine On the playground, getting harassed with questions like: “Were you born with braids on your head?”, “How does it grow so fast?”,
I’ll never leave the fantasy of The life I’ve always wanted: A bird become free, as I can see; Yet is a world never imparted.  
Resonant foxes in lush of green The Prometheus espedition consumes Cupid hovers spectacularly spectating The caverns secretly securing alienation   Awaaiting a utopia derived by that familiar
I it’s hard to make a circle that’s perfect Such a simple looking shape, but a quite unattainable prospect You only see such perfect appearances on paper, book, or magazine
You ask me to tell you when I realized I was growing up Well that’s a complicated question Cause I can say I was forced to grow up the moment my father decided to molest me from ages 5 to 13
When I was young, Had I heard your voice, I'd have said, You were a queer. Someone said, That in the Bible, Those like you were bad. Those like me were good.
Why can’t I simply Walk in? The doors, they gleam Their thick glass, it seems Impenetrable. Inside I know their eyes Will corner me into the wall Why is it that they all
never censor the dirty words. unleash the violet memories of your violent childhood: lilac frocks and pomegranite seeds and leftover boo-boos because sometimes  daddy couldn't see you
I think of you looking at me and what do I see? I see fat and insecurities I see me I think of you looking at her and what do I see?
Well, my crazy heart may be the death of me later on. Like it had been for my mom. We both have gambling hearts that throw the die at every shot at the jackpot called happiness.
dear megan,   if i wanted to write you a letter to finally say everything i wanted to say if i ever saw you again   i guess  
To the boy on the bus, with the thick brown hoodie and the old running shoes and the wireframed glasses and the ripped jeans that started at the knees when you bought them but strecthed to your lower thigh.  
We're all people. All equal. We began the prequel and will end it with a sequel. See you've built this castle of loneliness to barricade the happiness you seek to have.
Dear Body,
Dear 13-year-old Juliana,  Things will get better. Slowly but surely, you will discover that have anxiety, Which explains why you are the way you are.
Dear Daddy,   I miss you everyday. Since you went away. I wrestle with the thought that I should have done more. That I should have stayed with you, but I ran and hid in my room.
I have scars some are physical The phantom burn from the hot coal silver on my hands from rambunctious cats The mark on my leg from a bad scooter accident   I have scars some are emotional
Dichotomy So often found in the strangest of places Reminds us why Living can be both melancholy and euphoric.   She
It's not shaking and crying and screaming until your throat burns. It's not tidal waves of emotions, quickly drowing you. It's not blood running down your wrist, staining your flesh red. It's not popping pills, and drinking whiskey.
I'd be lying if I said there is nothing I'd ever want Can't hide this frustration, it's talent is to haunt Here are some things I will never ever get No matter how hard I try, life won't ever let
With every step I thrive With every word I preach I strive I know my heart is beating I can see, I’m breathing And everyday I thank God I’m alive
Who Am I? It's the lone question every single human breathing on this Earth asks. I have struggled with this question myself. It's a difficult task. 
Anxious mind, Anxious heart, Yearning to see The World.   Always telling myself                     Don't talk to them,                   Don't say a word,
Do you see me? I do not need the sun. I like the night. Do you see them? They do not need the sun. They like the stars. One day when there is only night, I shall be the sun. I am the chosen one.
Together we stand as oneGetting believers is shooting for the long runTired of people giving up and saying they're doneWe should all feel we have won
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