I'm Enough?

I'd be lying if I said there is nothing I'd ever want
Can't hide this frustration, it's talent is to haunt

Here are some things I will never ever get
No matter how hard I try, life won't ever let

We only have each other
But still somehow the arguments find us mother

I'll never be a perfect daughter
Not in any way to disrespect our father

I can't understand any of what the elders say
Grandmother, understand its not my fault please stay

We were never ever mean
But Auntie, who are those other nieces on your home screen?

College who the heck are you?
You really the light and savior to make my life come tru?

Friends, I'm not ever perfect
I go through hell and back with you, cause that's just what I do

Sisters at being a role model I'm not the best
But I'll always be here cause life's the hardest test

These are the things I'd prefer
But in the end life's a blur

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