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Through years of sorrow and so much pain I thought I’d never see the day When everything changed
I can skip stones Earth made from a dead man's bones, but I'll never truely understand  the story behind the nicks and dents  that've made them so smooth.    But I can honestly say,
I walk around with flat feet; everything average as could be.  I think to myself, what else could I see?  Fulfillmemt is needed in my feet.  I need to move to a rhythm and beat. 
Lily pads afloat water , while my heart afloat'
To the mother who spends 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 60 minutes a hour..loving me . This poem is for you.
Like a speck of dust, like a tick on a dog’s belly, I go unnoticed—the price I pay as a small girl in a big world. I’ve been tossed aside and told, “You’re too small, too weak,
The backlight shines bright on my smartphone tonight It blinds me, hurts my eyes Yet I still look to see a message waiting To my surprise, it's my boyfriend Texting me two hours before sunrise  
My scrubs are freshly pressed My hands are washed and cleaned I’m ready to take care of my favorite little ones But first I must make the Dean’s   List of things to do To make my dreams come true
We can find the awe in everything
Today is the day to be happy, Life is great today, Wake up with a new smile on your face, and never let it fade away. With each thing we do think positively, For that is the right mindset to have.
Blue sky, black clouds, Cute pets, hype crowds The many thoughts we have and never speak aloud Good grades, sweet crushes high school sweethearts in they're lucky
At the time I was only a resident With a 9 month lease on display, evident. Everything I saw was dark,foreign and yet the hesitant Sound of a gentle pulse was all that was relevant.
What is awesome? Everything is awesome! Literally. You wake up everyday, and you are alive. That's what's awesome. Going to sleep every night, and dreaming something extravogent.
When I remember where I put it When I'm forgetting... something When I fall asleep in the park When I get the perfect frappuccino When I find what I wasn't looking for When I get that off my chest
The sound of pure joy fills the air.
Awesome is the thing that makes things great,
It's the little things in life, those aha moments, that are awesome.   Approaching a red light as it turns green. A person holding the door for you. Butterflies in your stomach. The smell of fresh coffee.
The clear crisp call of chimes so high,Bluebirds racing across the sky,The wind that whispers in your ear,So cold and fresh, “I am here!”Bright hills of green, with frosted dew,
I am f*cking awesome
Awesome is the word we use like sick or rad or narly or cool or Awesome Awesome can be sarcastic when your mom  comes into your room and tells you something she thinks is Awesome but you don't think is Awesome 
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