Awesome in exchange for

Tue, 07/28/2015 - 13:38 -- hanr160

Awesome is the word we use like

sick or rad or narly or cool or Awesome

Awesome can be sarcastic when your mom 

comes into your room and tells you something she thinks is Awesome

but you don't think is Awesome 

so you say 'awesome' and don't even look at her

we can say Awesome in exchange for congradulations

we can say Awesome in exchange for sounds like a plan

we can say Awesome in exchange for beautiful or breathtaking

we can say awesome when we are mad

and when we are crazy

and when we are sad

and when we feel loved

Awesome is  skiing

Awesome is kayaking

Awesome is TV

Awesome is dessert

Awesome is no homework

Awesome is best friends

Awesome is so many different things but I can't list them all

Awesome is you

Awesome is me

Everything is Awesome

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