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Nostalgia is the only thing we have left A culture created for us to consume could this be leading us to question our own susceptibility to false rebellion? Are we becoming true rebels instead?
Hot little sweetness  Oh! My goodness  Let's take a walk And make meaning of every halt.    Come, let's be our bolt  In pattern and in action of any kind Let's be blind.  
Qatari rain falls only in the winter... Hailstorm in Spring!With next of kin Will make ya thinkDeeperProfound Thoughts more present -Homebound Ain't no more sound    
Everything is valued For what people say it’s worth The roads are made of pavement About as valuable as dirt   Anything can make a road
TRANSFORMATION Transformation. Where developmental stages cascade into adolescence.  It molds our countries, comunities, and our families. Our values, transform our future.   
The value of Salt,  Gold,  Nickels, Coppers, Buck skin, Cotton paper,  Shells   Should not be valued as much as Love, Family, Friendship, Trust,
                Dear future self,   My journey began, With a television show I didn’t really know much Such as to pitch a tent, eat outside, sleep outside But, as I grow older and wiser I’ve learned
Decisions shape and change the way we grow, But are the decisions we make truly ours? Perhaps we are controlled by something greater than us. Perhaps a construct such as morality,
I fall on my knees picking up my papers, not wanting to lose another in case it’s important. I am shoved back down this time hitting my head against the fountain. Pitying myself and wondering what offense I made
We have the words to change the nation   Voice that will bring to life a whole new creation    Within us are our ideas, thoughts and feelings there lies in its own station   
america  bbq and Budlight corporations
Bright things, young ring- masters of their own fate, future king- pins, holding together the fabric of the state with false silver lining on dark clouds of the economy false hope, blindness - they all lie, trying 
God save us: everyone We're a band of sinners living life on the run Responsibility and morality ride hot on our tail For freedom and happiness, we set sail
No one seems to understand why our society is the way that it is.
Speak now of your fallacies, to you I will not judge. Tell me all that concerns you and to you I will listen. You pull me down into the water into the depths of Hell- but these places I know familiar
Beauty is unreachable Love is just a game Lies become believable Others thrive off of our pain
I was raised by Republicans, grew up with the Democrats, Never had much, but I belong with aristocrats, I want a lot of cars like Leno has, Little fish in a big pond like a minnow has,
I am from cowboy hats, lumber and tools; from Dawn soap and coconut shampoo. I am from the sounds of country music blaring and Dad's chainsaw roaring. I am from the smell of fresh cut grass;
All my life I have struggled All of time I have fought Every day a new battle Every hour a new loss I'm no soldier or fighter Not a hero at all Just a person imprisoned In a mind not my own
A penny for your thoughts, A nickel for your mind, Worth much less than a gem found in a mine. They value the mines more than the mind, Diminishing its worth with the passage of time.
To own land for oneself- To speak up for oneself- To work for oneself- Are they stooping this low? Denying themselves this pride and integrity? Do they not value this venerable treasure?
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