Where I am From


United States
47° 12' 6.9912" N, 122° 28' 40.8864" W

I am from cowboy hats, lumber and tools;
from Dawn soap and coconut shampoo.
I am from the sounds of country music blaring and Dad's chainsaw roaring.
I am from the smell of fresh cut grass;
the blooming rhododendron flowers in our front yard.
I am from Christmas dinners at my aunt's, rosy-cheeked women;
from the Sproul's and the Judd's, and the opinionated Cox's.
From go clean your room and family comes first.
I am from prayers together every night before dinner, and don't use God's name in vain.
I am from the Evergreen State and Seoul Korea;
from Dad's homemade chili and Mom's famous pancakes.
From the list of chores awaiting me after school, and stop complaining or I'll give you a reason to.
From love so immense and someone who is always there to talk.
At my Mother's house in an old dusty chest,
Full of old tattered photo albums, some memories forgotten.
There are old family videos, bringing tears to my eyes.
I am from lessons and values that I never will lose,
All held together with nuts, bolts, and screws.


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