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There's fear. Apprehension. Paranoia, If you will. We hide. We hoard. We gossip to our fill. I'd rather just be free. To laugh, run, and embrace. I'd rather take that risk,
I'm riding in front of you. Hopefully you can SEE me. In my rearview I see you holding your phone in front of your face.
My mind is like a haunted mansion. It's beautiful and big, decorated elegantly.   But there's a hidden mystery. There are unwanted guests, who come and go as they please.  
Walk along the tight ropeThat stretches over the abyssParalyzed by possibility And impossibly conscious 
So finally, someone did it.  I've played this scenario out in my head, How it would be if someone died.  I always wanted to know how I'd react.  You didn't succeed, no,  Thank God, no.
How insane must one be to love me Words on screen said one thing Your eyes said one more to me At first glance it was insufferable to digest To trembling of fingers to heat on cheeks
The scarce embrace of  someone so distant,   Yet so warm you feel, just by  hearing their voice   And the dark cloud hangs over you, only because you want them there,  
If you get too intimate with your best friend There might come up two paths Each one is more dangerous than the other You have to choose Whether the most secure and safe Or take a risk and name you as a couple
I took a risk. I applied to graduate school, I was filled with fear of the unknown and looking like a fool. I excelled in my classes, I impressed the masses. I took a risk.
As New Years day came, the words "new beginnings" engraved my soul. I was tired of playing games, and from us taking it slow. I made my decision, i was moving to miami, cause you had my heart.
I lay broken and confused because the past that has held me back for so long. Along came a glorious man who held out his hand and saved me from the dead. He held my hand on our treacherous leap of faith. 
My heart's pounding. It's almost time, Time to jump. What if something happens? What if something goes wrong? Too late, It's time. 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... JUMP! I'm falling...
I am slowly changing like a painting manipulated and altered by multiple artists. The artists and I grow old together. My tattered corners must add some character to me, right?
Everyone says
Drained and deranged, I dreamed I could build beauty. Blueprinted, diagrammed Just a god in a cage.  
Come on baby
You’re afraid of what could happen So you constantly keep up a wall You are in a constant battle But aren’t we all?
A small glimmer dancing over a shoulder Is the only thing battling this darkness A heavy load of anticipation Weighs wearily on my lungs And strangles the air from my throat
The beginning of love is happiness But when it gets to the middle It begins to change So try and have patince looking for the right one Because the  right ones are hard to come by Patience is the key to love
Do I dare risk Stepping into the unknown? With warm spring air and flowers To guide me home, Or a dark winter’s night That makes my soul cower? Will the warmth be there one day
"thank you for flying!" seatbelt latches snap open briefcases are hoisted into the air a ruddy-cheeked boy's hand is yanked into the aisle all at once containment is impossible
The ghostly chest stilled at the thought.. A future of love brought into existence quick like lightning leaving the taste of heavenly ions on this earthly plane.
Pain-filled days run longand hope is dashed with careless words.Love is lost in a night's sleep and reawoken in hopeful dreamsOnly to be found dead in the morning light.
Both our deepest fear and most transcendent dream— burrow deep within our deepest heart, not to be found By those who search and search with just their hands. It comes to us in darkest night, in most uplifted day
~the Grass isn’t always greener but it’s hard when we don’t see the hell im glad i rely on my sisters and brothers instead of watching friendships sail hope no one looks at my life as perfect
Love lives with no worries about who it will love next. Nor do it worry about who loves the best. Its the perfect role model for moving on from the past. Its mistakes are lessons learned and carried over from the last.
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