Open Words

You’re afraid of what could happen
So you constantly keep up a wall
You are in a constant battle
But aren’t we all?

We do things that make us happy
Things that make us happy
We say we HAVE to do things
Because it will satisfy us
In the sense that we know we’ve done what is it right to ourselves

If we go against our morals,
Our feelings turn black
What we’ve done haunts us.
We regret and traumatize ourselves

So we choose.
We choose to stand by what works for us..
Or not

We don’t want to turn on our beliefs
But if what believe is wrong,
Why won’t we change?

Who says it’s wrong?
Who says it’s right?


It tailgates our thoughts.

How will it affect us?
Is this what really want?
Will this make me happy?

Take this into consideration:
You don’t know what lies ahead for you.

Is it possible that if you change the plan
You can still end up happy?

We’re not quick to put a dent in our routines.
We don’t do well with the thought of change.

We become afraid of taking chances.
I am afraid of taking risks.

We get comfortable.
You got comfortable.
I’m getting comfortable.

Molding yourself, just as I am
Into a physically, stable place
But suffocating my mental state
And sucking out positivity

Worrying myself
To a sweat so bitter
That I drown my motivation
In poisoned waters.

I am constantly forcing myself
To remember
To keep myself sane
With a word that I have yet to understand completely:


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