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She sat alone Sun rays bouncing off her bronze skin As she gazed off at something unknown, And when her eyes turned to me My body was just another being
A turbulent sea can be interpreted as many things Is it violence or a powerful loving passion? Is it rage or remorse?
Show me a stage and I'll find a player greater than any act I could follow. Show me poetry I can see how lines become symphonies within the eyes of those wiser than me
Who am I? Now just try
The brain is a peculiar component - so unknown and intricate. With all the puzzles and the pieces, which we cannot solve yet.   One of these puzzles is a condition.
  Rainbow Of Possibilities     Am I the shy girl that sits alone in the lunch room     Who barely speaks    And silence is her friend.  
I'm a credit card in a wallet Give me my own pocket. Buy something worth a lot of money. But dont fart its not funny. Dont swipe me too many times It hurts so be really kind.
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