Every Filter

Who am I?

Now just try

To answer my

Philosophical question.

Did anyone destine


Am I so un-free?

But pressed in

I might say I’m me.

If a professor asks, I am science.

If an employer asks, I am reliance.

If a governor asks, I am defiance.

If a pastor asks, I am compliance.

Who am I unbiased, unbent, unfiltered, un-faked? Who am I from no perspective,

From a viewpoint absolutely objective?

I don’t care about some selective,



Those answers are easy,

But to please me,

Answer the previous.

The task is hard and the answer grievous.

Now maybe I am small

And tiny,

And every word I scrawl

Is puny

Compared to the galaxy’s awe.

But wait,

In this state,

I used a viewpoint

I cannot appoint

As pure.

We take that tour

From far away,

So hey,

Let’s try another way.

I am composed

Of molecules that are supposed

To multiply. It is proposed

That cells divide

Until denied

By having died.

But that window

Is another lens so


It’s right it is no



What about moral,

The pearl

Of goodness, give that a whirl.

I mostly follow the golden rule,

But I’m a hypocritical fool.

I’m not generally cruel,

But I stand on a stool

Of self-righteousness. But anyhow,

Hold up that scowl,

Because a moral point

Of view

Is its own viewpoint,



Is every point

Is a viewpoint,

No matter what you do.

To say who I am, do consider

This fitter

Approach. Don’t pretend

People can unbend

The lenses people tend

To use. Make this amend:

Do not send

For an unbiased friend.

Now instead

Turn your head

And hear what is said.

Look here

And look there,

A quick peer

And a long stare.

Use every angle.

That’s how you wrangle

With the tangle

Of a question: “Who am I?”

I’m a guy,

A human, an animal, a student,

A Mennonite,



A bio major,

A person who won’t gamble or wager.

Yeah, but I am full of pride,

Arrogant, with an overconfident stride.

I’m chemical,



But barely astronomical.

I’m fated but not in slavery,

Determined but also free.

Make no mockery.

Everything you see,

That’s what I call “me.”


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