Thoughts without a motive



Thoughts without a motive
By Na'shon Kemp
My heart has always been like two tooth picks 
easy snappings
 my life's been like a locked door with no key 
once your out there's no back in 
cuz tell me if u betrayed me once
 how can I trust u enough to ever let you back in 
Oh and when I die remember my face cuz there will be no open caskets
Soft beds and sweet lullabies 
My home was built upon these cold hearted altered nursery rhymes 
My mind is sick so I'm just crazy
I was born the way I am there is no way to change me 
The rain helps the crops grow 
as the thunder echoes when the wind blows 
listen next time  
Adventure is just a playground for lust to develop in 
Too bad for me I lived my whole life in a lustful development 
Everyday was just so fun and sinful
It's like I was living two lives 
One on earth and the other
 as just a capsule for the birth of the devils kids
You'll understand that in time
If you think about it our past hours will
forever be the future for those still living in yesterday's 
Where always in the past according to Japan and china 
Yet we try to get ahead of them for the future 
Time isn't by our side
I love to watch the morning ocean view sunrise
My frailness is also my very strong durable assets 
My liabilities are trying
but still haven't come to bite me in my ass yet...


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