Sensory Crossovers #2


The brain is a peculiar component

- so unknown and intricate.

With all the puzzles and the pieces,

which we cannot solve yet.


One of these puzzles

is a condition.

With the name of synesthesia,

bringing on an expedition.




Life is full of colors-

shapes, textures, and sounds.

My senses blend together,

and in this I am bound (Carlsen 2013).


Projections within my grasp (Cytowic and Eagleman14)

following the outline of my form.

Sometimes perched upon my shoulder

or “sweeping down my arm” (Cytowic and Eagleman3).


Imagine a projection screen

placed within mind’s eye…

Some visualize synesthesia like this (Cytowic andEagleman 3),

experiencing images racing by.


Colors leak from sounds

and go dancing through the air.

Each with its own shade or hue,

fiery red and tranquil blue

yet too ineffable to share.


Symphonies are patchwork quilts –

 colorwheels before my eyes.

Each note brings forth something new

- always a surprise.


There are many different types,

and some are more complex

Than the connection of colors to sound,

with various effects (Cytowic and Eagleman 24).


Music, colors, emotions, shapes –

are the ways my life is based.

All my experiences of the world

I translate to a sense of taste (Carlsen 2013).


When I cook to express myself

perceptions manifest as flavors.

Life’s incidents are the inspiration,

and some are worthy to savor (Carlsen 2013).


I know the essence of green;

as a color, it is truly a mystery.

Nine-course meals created from music;

profiles of satisfaction and victory (Carlsen 2013).


Problems can be created

in navigating the world.

Things can be perfect or become distracting

as this intensity unfurls (Seaburg 22).


Occasionally emotions change to auras;

almost everything has an outline (Cytowic andEagleman 151).

They can appear in many shades

and the auras tend to shine (McEllhiney 3 April2013).


People with the same emotion

express a similar shade of aura.

Sometimes reaching out with tendrils,

with a connection from the core, (McEllhiney2013).


At times, the intensity obscures reality,

as in seeing splotches on a face.

Each a small white center sprinkled with black

and a large green space (Cytowic and Eagleman151).


Even though I’ve noted but a few,

there is quite a bit of information.

Hopefully you have an understanding,

for now concludes this presentation.


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