Rainbow of possibilities



Rainbow Of Possibilities



Am I the shy girl that sits alone in the lunch room



Who barely speaks 


And silence is her friend.


Her whispers so quiet like the wind.


Alone and by her self,


Scared to make friends.


Depressed and suicidal


Her problems never end.


Or am I the girl who is so social


Like a butterfly she descends.

A girl who talks a lot and loves


Making new friends.


She smiles and see life


Through rose colored lens.

Nothing brings her down,


She's so happy,full of zen.

The girl who listens to music


Who's engulfed in lyrics,

Screaming and singing her heart out


Till she can't bare it,


Lost in her headphones


Gone from the world


Her only friend an instrument



In this musical whirl.


The one who lives in fantasy and fun


A world with adventure and love 


She finds this world locked in a book


Or she molds it upon a paper


With pen she writes


Or with pencil she draws


A reality unclear


A dream so far.


Am I me?


The girl who walks down the street


And goes to school normally

With a smile on her face


With friends by her side.


She sometimes writes,

Sometimes listens to music,


Engulfs herself in books


And sometimes she loses it.


She's strong and smart


She can be happy or sad


She has days like everyone else


But goes on as well.

This girl is me.


A mixture of possibilities


But only one,



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Hauntingly beautiful I really loved your description amazing

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