Different Stages Different Perspectives

Show me a stage and I'll find a player
than any act I could follow.

Show me poetry
I can see
how lines become symphonies within the eyes of those wiser than me

Show me the weak I'll show you those with skills to improve their own cure, whose ideas of grand are still modest and pure

Show me strong and I'll show you the best of the kind, the workers that make the day brighter with their families in mind and faith in some higher design.

Seeing different stages gave me stories so drastically changed, that any thought could turn into a performance, that any writer could weave a tale so rich, a ballad so deep, an epic so grand, that all could forget who they were. Immersion granting flight to those who held tight to dreams and fantasies, quietly answering my more secretive pleas

Show me myself
I would ask for anyone else,
to be brought onto a stage or written onto a page of history. Because I could not bear it if that story was me. Self worth is not why I turned to poetry, It found me and I saw what each word could mean, what a person could be If they wrote out their dreams.
Poetry, to me, brings out the way any one person sees the world, a way they can share that view and experience with eachother, It can give center stage to those that need it, and allows anyone else to be an audience whenever they want
Poetry can truly give anyone the voice of a poet

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My community
Our world
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