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We live in a world where we still get judged on the color of our skin, And people don't even bother to notice what is within. We live in a generation where we are stuck behind a phone screen, 
Selfish. All of us. Pretending to unite in a commmon cause When really that cause is just Another picture for our decopage Line on a resume Glitter for our own parade. We volunteer our time
When you truly love someone, their heart is yours. That one person is your other half. You always have that spark That can never pull you apart through thick and thin.  
From Fighting To Not Be A White Mans Slave , To Fighting For EVERY Right Thats "Granted" To "ALL" Americans , Why Are We Fighting Each Other ? Why Are We Killing OUR People ?
  Our generation is composed of those who just want to fit in It's sad when we live among those who think losing your virginity isn't such a dangerous sin
We are a generation of inbetweeners: An undefined group of people searching for a definition
Not that long but long enough. To grow, to mature To live, and learn To teach each other what it means To love someone this deep. One year. Not that long but long enough,
Bang Bang Gun shot noises heard from blocks away 
 Somebody just got shot ! 

   Look at Me III
I am a millennial, an 21st Century Teen
Kk teachers these days just, like,  seriously need to chill out! i don't get what the heck all the fuss is about They should like go smoke a joint or something
Day in, Day out, its the same old stress not a moment to waste, nor one to catch your breath "As cruel as school children" does here still apply so head down, walk faster, ignore the leering eye
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