Our Black Generation


From Fighting To Not Be A White Mans Slave , To Fighting For EVERY Right Thats "Granted" To "ALL" Americans , Why Are We Fighting Each Other ? Why Are We Killing OUR People ? Its Sad That People Fought For Your Ability To Live How You Live Now , And You Dont Apperciate It. Its Like Yall Want The Whites To Continue To Feel Like We Never Going To Evolve To Anything , That We Will Always Be Beneath Them Never Above Them. Haven't We Had ENOUGH Segregation ? 101 Years , That Wasnt Enough Was It ? I Guess Not Cause Now That We Aint Segregated From Whites We Segregating Ourselves From Each Other , Now A Days You Cant Hang With This Person Or That Person Cause They "Rep" A Different "Hood". Why Are We Repeating History ? Havent Our People Been Through Enough ALREADY ?


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