Look At Me III


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41° 31' 17.2452" N, 81° 38' 30.7176" W
United States
41° 31' 17.2452" N, 81° 38' 30.7176" W
United States
41° 31' 17.2452" N, 81° 38' 30.7176" W
United States
41° 31' 17.2452" N, 81° 38' 30.7176" W

   Look at Me III

 [Extended Version]    

Oh ‘em gee! It’s a black guy!

Wow! They do exist! I thought those abominations were only a myth!

I know right?! Hey! Hey you! Hey, little black boy, come here!

I want to know how long it takes for one to be in the sun in order to become so dark?!

Yeah, and what’s it like in prison?

Have you ever shot anyone?

What about marriage? Are you a wife-beater or do you marry for sex only?

C—can you please leave me alone? I—I am a human and I have a name.

No you’re not! My daddy says that you’re a Nigger, not a people.

Yeah duh, people are smart. You things can’t even make it pass High School.

Everyone knows that!

It’s true; a lot of us don’t make passed High School,

Instead, we end up dead or locked away behind someone’s bars…not to mention…



What am I thinking?

Feeding into their stupidity, their ignorance?!

L—Look at me.

Oh em gee! It spoke again!

Look at me

Tell me, is this what you normally see?

A black?

Meaning that I am without light?

That I am an ingrate who can fight

A liar without sight

The opposite to white

Full of sin

And never going to win?



Look at me.


Just look into my eyes, my mind, my heart, my soul!

Can you not see an educated young brother being degraded because of the hood?

Don’t you a personality that is bright with a temper no good?

Do you see what you normally do?

Or can you actually open your eyes and see me as different and true?

Look at me.


Do you not see the smiling young brown man who has a future in this cruel white world?

Can you see the Poet of contradicting emotions?

Do you see a person equivalent to any of the oceans?

Cold yet deep simultaneously?

Can you see the world as I do?

The world through eyes of color but are truly sullen and blue?

Of course, I’ve locked up—twice.

But do you think I’m the type to brag about it because it makes me seem as cool as Vanilla Ice?

Can you see my bludgeoned heart?

Its irregular beats beating like muted bass on an amateur basement instrumental:

Non-rhythmic with no lyrics, no words to its song?

Can you see I express my thoughts only through my window pain?

Look at me, can you see the clouds of rain

Only pouring shame onto my name

Dousing my flame

Making me feel inane?

I’m not one to complain

But tell me.

What do you see?


Even though you don’t know who I am or where I come from,

Can’t you tell we are one and the same?

Can’t you see that I’ve been to Hell and back?

Can you see that I am all but Webster’s definition of black?!

Tell me

Can you now see my story that

Will forever remain the opposite of nugatory?

Please I beg of you,

Just… look at me.


Oh ‘em gee, it can feel too?





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