No Filter


In my mind, I ask my generation
 those same exact questions each day.
 Individuals my age are entering the cyber world
before they have completely understood the real world.
They, well let me not exclude myself, we are so drawn
to being like or at least coming close to looking like celebrities.
 Aiming for so many compliments and likes, but they feel they need a little help.
 You have the ones that may have a black and white filter,
 sepia, or just something to give it a little bit more creativity.
Then there is the ones with less confidence that have to choose a filter
 that may hide their acne, make them look a certain size,
sometimes even make them a certain skin color.
That is when you cross the line and lose yourself.
Just to receive compliments and emoji’s that you have falsely claimed
 because you do not look like your pictures in real life.
Look in the mirror girl, instead of sitting your behind on the edge of it trying to portray a fantasy.
Dude! No one should know that you “got paid” today, stop fanning your money.
Some people do not understand what kind of image they are putting out there,
what kind of attention they are grabbing and who may be looking.
“Without all of that stuff” you would be beautiful!
Your photos without filters looks better than ever!
 I admit it!
I am a member of the filter gang,
 but I feel I do it for half of the same reasons and the other half is for my own.
Yes, it improves my skin tone and yes it makes the picture a bit cooler.
 Yet, I use these “social networks” as scrapbooks.
 I love memories and I enjoy being creative so I use filters so everything can beautifully fall in line. That separates me from the others in my generation;
or does it?

This poem is about: 
Our world


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