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Let the stars feed your mind with me  While your celestial imagination and physical creativity 
The legs started going, Kept awake with water, Breathing, Arrogantly telling myself I’d stay straight. Drank gin and wine, Went out, Tried to buy more, Unshaven,
To be forgotten, Becomes my greatest fear. My tears keep falling to where they are gotten, Seeking for anyone near.
When the message is spoken How many of us really listen? Awareness is everything But, we sadly live in a oblivion We search for truth And yet, we come up empty Darkness surrounds us
Close your eyes. Breathe. Count to ten. One. Two. Your heart begins beating faster and faster, causing a terrible pain inside. You bring your hands to your chest and dig your fingers into yourself.
we plan for futures that aren’t even guaranteed. each day, looking forward to what the sunset will look like,
Where did it begin? Glances exchanged. Two lovers unaware of what God has arranged. Interests shared, along with stories of the past. Moments became years and the relationship was meant to last.
In a world this size It's quite easy to feel small and unimportant But you can't let that get to you Because the moment it touches you You're lost forever
I am one
Who am I?I am you.I am a breathing soul,Encompassed in a container of massThat seems to be self-aware of its mortality.  
Gone! Gone! The works of Man! Returned to dust, where they began! Washed low by wave and dripping rain! Bare, cold stone where bones were lain! Color stripp'd by desert sand and storm!
Why can't I talk to you? the question is whos at fault, you or me? can't i stand the pain? the look in your eyes of oblivion-          deep swirling galaxies          legendary clouds
Many are blind in multiple ways. Blind to love. Blind by love. Blind by work, pain, trauma. Most of us are blind in one way. Or another.    We all hurt. At some point in life. 
Venturing alone,
It is futile to cling to something so fictitious. The world fades away. White.
What if at the end of this road
 Every person is just another risk.Recyclable, used, stomped on all in the name of insincere apology.Thrown in the unwanted corner, waiting for someone to care.
Let me hold you.  Let me hold you, expressed the flowing river. Let me lead you around the twists and bends. Let me expose you to the eb and flow of my waters path.
Those moments, forgotten and brushed aside by the modern day.   Left trembling, whimpering silently in dark, Lost and forgotten, Subconsciously missed.  
In a world of oblivion All are forgotten here Some try for rememberance But to all there's an end So in this fast-moving world      I give my verse  
This is oblivion  Such is a state of limbo May one hope to leave
What have I done?  The person I loved…cold, limp, and lifeless…is before me.  The person I loved is calling out for help… no one can hear… I took no action.  I watched the person I loved… die before my eyes.  I look at my arms… splattered with bl
We live in a broken world, I’ve heard it over and over before. Traditions are lost, morals corrupt - Only to be torn apart by war.   We build and we build Our cities stand tall overhead
I want to run away to some place beautiful Where the birds are singing And the trees are dancing. I want to run away to some place quiet Where the savage thoughts of my mind run silent
me stoned i dance atmosphere hazy perfect smoky dim lights with their greasy glow stained glass lights pretty ghost diamonds dancing on the walls three minutes of radio
me stoned i dance atmosphere hazy perfect smoky dim lights with their greasy glow stained glass lights pretty ghost diamonds dancing on the walls three minutes of radio
School is not my forte. Daydreams of melodies frolic through my mind But the pencil is forced to scribble foreign equations. Confused. Frustrated. Lost in a tangle of intricate formulas.
She's afraid of things that shouldn't be scary,like walking to class and people staring. She's afraid of her reflection too,She's afraid and she wants to tell you.
Its cold in here, theres no heat. the desks face right, theres no left handed seat. The voices drone, but never make sense, For professors, they sure can be dense. I wish only for a school condusive to the student.
You take your first breaths together, the start of forever, but the past is all I see. I stare into your eyes and find nothing but lies. The same lies you fed me? I like you? I want you. I love you? I lust you.
It would be strange to say you changed me Weird to say I’m wise. Odd to speak at all, since seat 27 row five, Was occupied by me, small, quiet me.
Personalities blend to become stock characters, Glimmers of light shine from their eyes. When did I become the "Red Couch" carrier? The song of the road's become solemn and dry.
    One day, I will cease to exist. I will be neither here nor there. I won't be ME. The notion that everyday Oblivion will seek ME, and welcome ME, Scares ME. What happens when I'm gone? Will anyone care? Will anyone notice?
The Ripple Effect Sometimes I cannot help but wonder What really goes out yonder? If all our lives is not a blunder To pass never remembered like thunder   Into it we come wailing
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