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Many are blind in multiple ways.

Blind to love. Blind by love.

Blind by work, pain, trauma.

Most of us are blind in one way.

Or another. 


We all hurt. At some point in life. 

Hurt from loss. Lost from hurt.

Hurt by friends, family, life.

Whether obvious or subtle. Somehow

We are hurting.


Fear. Everyone feels it..

Fear of pain. Fear of oblivion. 

Fear of lonliness, commitment, love.

But if we all fear. If we all hurt. 

Why must we hide our true feelings?

Blinding ourselves to really see. 


See when others need us.

Need our smile. Need our support.

Need a call, a friend, help.

So many people need help.

They are hurting, but afraid to show it.

And we are blinding ourselves from seeing it.



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Our world


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