Mon, 06/01/2015 - 19:09 -- Cammy

Why can't I talk to you?

the question is

whos at fault,

you or me?

can't i stand the pain?

the look in your eyes

of oblivion-

         deep swirling galaxies

         legendary clouds

worlds yet undiscovered, but yet still stuck in mine-




oblivius moons,

neptunes rings

saturns stars

and jupiter's learned to sing


too hot mecury

and too cold sun

unfeeling mind

and tortued battles won.


If i had a choice, I would leave you

to fly faraway to another land,

where all I would have to face is




out of your eyes

not in your heart

not forced to play my part,

of ignorance of the real problem

as your guest in your life, but not really palls

because  I would leave,     as soon as I got the chance,


to break my heart, 

a friendship apart

To not care about tears

Cause its hurt so long 

to ruin you as I've ruined me

all in favor 

all once more

to escape to velvet skies


         of oblivion.


Bailey Reynolds

This poem is awesome I like your style keep writing

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