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I was once a young man at 18 Who decided to leave you see To a place unknown And a language lone That's where I decided to be   I was called to L.A. So I flew right away
It’s amusing to me about how societal standards can affect one's mind deeply. It causes multiple questions to cultivate and confusion to disperse about identity.
AMERICA: The Land of the free and the home of the Brave But are we really free? This is my letter to society...
Now going into the new year I no longer know where to steer Afraid of what is to come because I'm constantly changing mind, constantly straining things changing so fast
Standing at t
I’m not sure what it is about the clouds.
Sometimes, the hardest part about being heard Isn’t being heard It’s getting the word From your thoughts To your mouth And from your mouth To the outside world   It all starts with a dot
I whisper into the unsteady ear Stealthily I place doubt in the hearts of those who fear me most I am Uncertainty in love, Wavering in faith I am...
Don’t ever dream to wage a war Against the powers that be You’ll scratch and claw and only get sore
Warm salty yet smooth waves
Warm salty yet smooth waves covered my feet like a blanket                                                                         Trying to look past the currents- the waves and the boats                                                          
Fear consumes the body
The release of my emotions, The movement of my soul, The language of my heart, Dance. There are no limitations, no expecations, but only beautiful improvisations. Let go, to feel
They’re more scared of me, than I am of them For the God I serve is alive not dead. They are so naïve and they say they’re brave, Yet they sit in offices and send troops to the grave.  
Anchors aweigh sir, pray, sail away. Those of Courage and Might this ship will stow. The sea calls out good sir - I must obey!   Let us leave land, rock, sand, this very bay
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