An Open Letter To Society

AMERICA: The Land of the free and the home of the Brave

But are we really free?

This is my letter to society...

I pledge my allegiance to a flag that don’t do nothin’ for me

They say that there’s liberty and justice for all

Yet our president only cares about building a wall

As our nation falls he’s doing nothing about it

We are sending our kids to school having to tell them to be safe cause we’re unsure if they’re going to come back to the same place. It’s…

Gun violence… The main killer of society

Shakespearean words couldn’t explain it

No it’s not the Iliad and the Odyssey

But, truly it’s not odd to see

So why are we just now speaking up for things that's been wrong for so long

Racism, terrorism, Bad cops, Guns drawn

Let me be honest

We think that we’re perfect but we’re not we’re off track like a bad weave

Our nation's full of nothing but Donald Trumps and loss dreams

And if you put them both together they just create one bad team

And if you paint a bigger picture it does nothing but make a sad scene

But it seems as if

We lost sight of what’s important

Every bond once formed… Our hatefulness has destroyed it

Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that

Yet I’m judged off my skin color cause it’s a darker tone than the next man’s

But I know my melanin is beautiful and that’s words to Roseanne

It’s crazy….

Kids getting shot down in the streets, but yet the only thing we see is the presidents worthless tweets

Dear Mr. President…

Where were you at Stoneman High

Or Santa Fe

Are you really going to let your people die at the hands of the NRA

Our nation is falling, our voices, barely above a whisper, we’re calling out but our president is stalling

Yet I pledge my allegiance to a flag that’s Red, White and Blue

And that same flag will shoot me down in front of my school and beat me up until I’m black and blue

Where’s the justice for all

They say every black person’s a con who’s addicted to ye ( Kanye)

Everytime someone asks who can spit bars they turn to me

They say give her a Chance… She’s The Rapper

Why does the color of my skin really even matter?

When I kneel during the anthem it has nothing to do with your flag

Y’all say black don’t crack yet you shatter my melanin like glass

To the authorities… who kill innocent black men

You not only kill him

You kill a father…. You kill a son… you kill a brother…

You leave the mother having to raise her adolescent son

Because of you he grows up scared of guns

Scared to be taken the same way his father did

Because of you this is the way we have to live

How are we indivisible yet divided

We live in the United States Of America, but we’re not united

How come all lives matter when black lives do

No disrespect but, they’re killing us they’re not killing you

But I refuse…

To be another black statistic

Another black kid whose future is already written

How can you hate me because I don’t look like you and still classify as a Christian

That’s the same racism I have to deal with

When I walk into any building… Women clutch their purse

You say your one nation under God… so why bomb a church

I refuse to accept the need to curse in my verse

That would only make the way I’m viewed worse

A little boy only remembers his father in a hearse

Years later…

Now he’s in the same position

In the streets he pleads

Mr. Officer , “please don’t make me bleed”

I’m only seventeen

Well I just want you to know that if you do shoot us we’ll only bleed the same color as you

To those officers: You killed many of our children

Black Men..

But your response is : “ I didn’t mean to kill him”

Even with your body cameras filming you still get acquitted

Dear Society,

How can someone work hard from 9 to 5 and get paid minimum wage

And then someone else getting paid every time they grace a stage

We work hard to make ends meet

Not all people need government relief

Yet this is what we get

Mommas break their backs just to provide for their children

But still somehow are looked upon as the villain

I’m black not to mention I’m a woman so it makes it so much harder for me

You wanna talk about white privilege you’re about to see

You ain’t gotta tell your kids when they leave to watch their back cause they automatically have a target on it by police

And it hurts just to say this

How in the 15 years of my life this world has become so dangerous

How homeless people be in the streets

No food to eat

Rich people be passin’

No hello acting as if they don’t see

I can’t be blind to society

But I refuse to let the color of my skin or the way I wear my hair define me

This is just my letter

My 2 cents to society


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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