The World, Changing my Perception

Now going into the new year

I no longer know where to steer

Afraid of what is to come

because I'm constantly changing

mind, constantly straining

things changing so fast

things that matter are left in my past

I can't help but think ahead 

I don't know how I'll go to bed

Telling myself, I know what I want to do

Knowing, that it simply isn't true

Here and now, that's all that matters

At least, that's what's said

Another voice makes noise

It says the opposite instead

So many different opinions 

Telling me what to do

Crashing against my skull

Head's pounding, can't take it

I'll just have to follow my own path

Create it and make it

It's going to be okay

Keep moving because today is today

tomorrow, another day



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Our world
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