my year

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Every year, as the earth shed it's skin every 365 days, I sit and ponder the year that passed by. The person I am today, is not the same person I was at the beginning of the year.
This year was harder than the rest Had trouble with some classes, but I tried my best. I will never forget the friends I made, Grades will be forgotten, but the memories will never fade.
I started 2016 like every other year Like a sigh of relief at dawn when you see the new days sun rising  I found confidence this year
changes friendships grow like dandelions through weed killer belonging a feeling never experienced before, now as normal as the sky is blue black skies late nights, struggling to pass the test pain
A rollercoaster that we all have been on, As hopes and ambitions ride themselves up to the top. But before they hit the peak,
 As the year began, I switched from the food industry to cleaning house I also became pregnant and got married to a wonderful spouse I have seen uncovered food blasted all over in the microwave
Black body born, happy birthday Black baby's first cry Black girl in a white man's world Black eye from daddy's toxic masculinity rectifies  
January of 2016? It is a time for reinvention - my pal You must diferentiate yourself from the last. Self discovery is key; how do I know? Someone told me so   also  
Act I. The curtain opens on an empty stage Naked, suggestively waiting for come what May. Actors slowly file in bare of the costumes I had
It is my year. My year to be all that I can be.  This can be my year, for all eternity. My year to be fruitful, my year to be loyal.  My year to make all my mistakes buried in soil.
I'm starting to feel a little dizzy   Opening my eyes is no longer easy   Yet, I will not rest until I complete every test   College is my only drive   Opening my eyes is no longer easy
2016 started off great Plenty of money and plenty of cash If only I could see my future And how it would not last Falling for someone I thought was genuine Learning his tricks and then going back to him
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