My Year (Housecleaning in a Nutshell)

 As the year began, I switched from the food industry to cleaning house

I also became pregnant and got married to a wonderful spouse

I have seen uncovered food blasted all over in the microwave

I have seen laziness out the wazoo that drives me insane

I have learned about and seen things big and small

I learned that the messiest people are the pickiest of all


Coke stains on the floor, left for two weeks

Because “oh the house cleaner will get it” as it sticks and stinks

Dog stains on the door, animal fur galore

The vacuum bag can’t hold this mess anymore!

Ceiling fans constantly left on collecting too much dust to bear

So the walls then have dust as their official wear


For who knows how long, a dead mouse left under the cabinet

Its head rotted off, coated with nasty dead maggots

If you have ever been a cleaner, you will surely understand

The frustrations that come with a job in high demand

Like when the vacuum cord gets stuck on anything it can

Or when the vacuum cleaner doesn’t pick up that certain grain of sand


Like when the food is so stuck on the beautiful wood

That you have to use your nails to get it off, more than you should

Like when you put the dog out just so you can mop

And the client lets the dog in, before it dries off

Tracking in dirt and footprints everywhere

Making you hold in the words you want to swear


Of course you love the pets that all the clients own

But just for once can the house be clean for more than a second alone?

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job

But, boy do I see things that make me want to sob.

When the clients schedule construction on the same day as I clean

Which is just so aggravating and mean

Because right after I mop they track the drywall boots everywhere

Or they use the bathroom I cleaned because they just don’t care

‘What is the point of me cleaning?” I think to myself

As I constantly re-clean this ever living hell


All in all though, I have learned something about me

I love to see after I clean, how the clients are so happy

I also sometimes like the pay and the appreciation

And it’s a great job while I continue my education

I have learned patience, and thinking before I speak

I have learned that some people are more friendly than you think

I have learned to keep boundaries between clients in business

Even though some of them have brought so much brightness

I learn that there are so many different types of personalities

But in the end we all bleed the same, and we have to remember that aside from the legalities.



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