The Tragedy of 2016

Fri, 12/16/2016 - 11:43 -- Cat 17

Act I.

The curtain opens on an empty stage

Naked, suggestively waiting for come what May.

Actors slowly file in bare of the costumes I had

So intricately spent the previous year on.

Chills flow through flesh power lines

And I hope I don’t waste electricity.

Lights flicker, but I’m a hunter now, and I

Can handle a couple of ghosts.



Act II

Rising Actions are tumbling dice.

Blow after blow of an industry losing

The best they have to offer.

I accept the Changes but I’d rather Take it Easy.

Vows to Always dance in the Purple Rain are made,

While the news moves on from mourning to scorning.

Classics become tributes on Saturday nights

Because all that’s left is to laugh.




No going back now, we’re halfway there

And halfway gone. Mostly gone.

Blue light messages glow with organic truth

That I was but one in a scene meant for another two.

I gained my independence but lost my freedom.

Chains of lover not like any other are weighted, rusted,

And burned in late night swims of a poignant sea.

Now, I’m the tragic hero and there is no one left to save me.



Act IV

Enter others in the rebellious school colors.

The computerized world is chaotically soothing

Making reality a lot more confusing.

Applications and deadlines,

Visits and quizzes,

The set is changing and I can’t keep up with it.

More is demanded and more is received but there

Is only so much that the mind can retain.



Act V

The triangle of tragedy is all but complete.

I’ve lost it all, and witnessed defeat.

The one who meant the most to me

Is now deceased.

Pushing, pulling, and tugging it down

I try to smile instead of frown.

Someday soon, I’ll have my play

Where I’ll bow at graduation, diploma in hand.



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