All Years Is My Year.

Sun, 11/20/2016 - 21:48 -- Naomi17

It is my year. My year to be all that I can be. 

This can be my year, for all eternity.

My year to be fruitful, my year to be loyal. 

My year to make all my mistakes buried in soil.

It's my year to shine and evolve into something new.

Something no man's bare hands can touch.

Only the purest of vibes can be in conduct. 

To revive the vibrant life of vivid minds.

Come together and taste stronger than Jesus' red wine.

My year. This year. All year, will come align.

As the fruits of my labor will taste so devine.

Least I shall not walk with thine eyes.

But visions of faith guides me in time.

Leave the burdens of stress all behind.

This is MY YEAR for all good things to come,

attract only what I need. My life has only begun.

To say the least some things has been done.

But it's MY YEAR- I shall live in triumph.

Don't take much to make me happy.

From the simplest lady bug to the biggest

love in century. Can NO ONE take my year from me.

I love me, because it's my year. It's my year, because I love me.

My Year will be the greatest of days, longest of nights.

THIS IS MY YEAR, I'm not finishing it without a FIGHT !!!!!


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