Same school, new person

Mon, 01/16/2017 - 15:35 -- bbitkd

This year was harder than the rest

Had trouble with some classes, but I tried my best.

I will never forget the friends I made,

Grades will be forgotten, but the memories will never fade.

The friends I made this year, have really taught me

What it means to be kind, to be who I want to be.

Something this year has changed at school,

And that something is all my friends, they are real cool.

I am a new man thanks to you all,

I know you are there to lift me up, and catch me if I fall.

I can forget all the challenges in time, I know I can,

But I will never forget the year I became a new man.

All the things I thought mattered I know mean nothing at all,

But I will always remember the times we had in high school, because we had a ball.

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