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Imagine us Under the moon We ignore its beauty Artemis gives light   In our days of old Respect was common The moon is our companion Not just a figure, but a friend  
Cat's Claw Rose Petals double Yarrow Marigold   Dancing under the Moon's luminescence that seeps into my kitchen
Plain moths. We follow the light Never daring to touch it Filters on our eyes, Seeing things That are far from the truth Oblivious to realize the facts.   She came swiftly then.
In a careless place And you are a nameless face  Dont forget what's true   Protection is near Hanging high above your head Looking over you    Look up my darling 
My beloved Solis,  
This world spins closer to darkness, The sun says goodnight as the stars blink their hellos across the sky. Silence takes over the land.
The burden of the night princess is often hard to bear. She often lies awake at night for something that’s not there.
  Confidently unthinking I walked into the shadows  I thought I was Lolita, hardly, really I was callow
Your warmth is like the sun: it radiates, everyone around feels you beaming You suspend yourself in the sky, far away from me, and everyone else I’m out there, too, like the moon I’m hidden by your light
Slipping; slipping, unseen sense, Future forming consequence. Anxiety; cold and dense, End the jagged, starving plain. In darkest black a beacon sign; Floating, gloating; simple, fine;
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