Fri, 04/26/2013 - 19:29 -- Rede


United States
41° 50' 2.1984" N, 87° 47' 27.9204" W

Slipping; slipping, unseen sense,
Future forming consequence.
Anxiety; cold and dense,
End the jagged, starving plain.
In darkest black a beacon sign;
Floating, gloating; simple, fine;
Sadness: envy: shaded shine:
Family that transcends the chain.
Stable, wild, tight, and free;
Temps my mindful misery;
So close but so far from me
In the systems myriad reigns.
Lifeless, deathless: timeless turn;
Does not hide but does not burn.
There is so much we could learn;
Small in sized yet bloody stains.


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