The Luna Moth

Plain moths.

We follow the light

Never daring to touch it

Filters on our eyes,

Seeing things

That are far from the truth

Oblivious to realize the facts.


She came swiftly then.

A Luna moth.

She was different...


Perplexing beauty,

Undescribable glow in her eyes.


We forgot about the light then.

We followed her,

Never daring to touch her.

Filters in our eyes,

Seeing things

That are far


from the truth.

Oblivious to realize the facts.


She followed the light

Saw the faint reflection

Turned and flew away

Hating herself

For the filter she chose

To see herself in.

This poem is about: 
Our world



Our society is often unable to see the truthful beauty behind every person.  We follow guidelines as to what "beauty" should be.  These guidelines have been so stereotyped that we forget how beautiful and unique we really are.

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