Sun and Moon


United States
33° 1' 15.1392" N, 96° 44' 19.302" W

Your warmth is like the sun: it radiates, everyone around feels you beaming
You suspend yourself in the sky, far away from me, and everyone else
I’m out there, too, like the moon I’m hidden by your light
but that’s okay, I like it like this
I’ve always been a little hidden, and you’ve always been bright enough for the both of us
I’m comfortable in your background, waiting for you to go to bed so that I can glow for the night, then waiting for the dark to disperse, waiting for you to come back and burn yourself into the sky, again
I like it, our routine
It still feels safe, and you still feel warm
The distance doesn’t matter – we still eclipse when we can
I’ll still feel you up there, warming the breeze that flows around me, and you’ll still notice me out there, waiting for the next morning


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