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The first meeting I had, I was scared but I didn't let it show. I didn't realize that the popular boys where on the team.
I pick up my stick and run like the wind. We are better together, anticipating the pass, the fake, the rhythm. In the off season I smile when I achieve my personal best.
The Silence Before The Storm, Flip of the coin at midfield. The brotherhood that will form, A machine man can not build. From the first whistles blow, Everyone chanting in the crowd.
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The homeless seem mistreated And neglected I went undercover to see what people would think of me living on the streets Minute after minute I would hold my cup up high asking for spare change
A guy who is afraid to express his opinion But has quite a clear vision How can he overcome this hinderance  Without seeming a bit insolent One day the answer will be found But for now he sits tied and bound
Jersey #
It's a careful process romantic even, when you pull off the wrapper of a Crispy Chicken Asiago Ranch Sandwich from the Wendy's Dollar Menu
For them It is a he, a him For me, She is Everything That i wish I could be   Her passion riveting and delightful her empathy
Being a military kid can be a real drag sometimes. You move more than the average teen. Last year I moved to and went to public school.
She is what struck my heart in the first place. She knows how to make me laugh and smile. She knows the cure for my sadness. She is all I need to uplift me in my time of need.
Math is not easy It makes me queasy The kids in my class quickly fix that Sitting in the middle of all these guys It is hard not to disguise the laughter in my eyes They crack jokes back and forth
Lacrosse sticks for me, lacrosse sticks everywhere, lacrosse is my life.
Lacrosse is my favorite sport I love running and I love to score Without lacrosse my life would be a bore I never want to quit I only want more When I am on the field I run as fast as I can
It's referred to as "laxation" by the people of the lacrosse nation. You can thank the North American Indians for the creation. The game is completed in an hour's duration with the occasional hesitation and aggravation.
Running down the field of grass Everything becomes clear as glass Everyone shares one common goal To stay away from the oncoming poles   Dodging the defense left and right
That small yellow ball means everything. People sprint to this commodity. They must have this priceless treasure. They spend their lives in dedication, To a little yellow ball.
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