Lacrosse and the team of dreams

The first meeting I had, I was scared but I didn't let it show. I didn't realize that the popular boys where on the team. Trent Wann, the guy at our school that had the girls all gleam was now talking to me, telling me how cool it is that a girl was joining the team. And when the coach introduced himself and told us that this was the year that we would kick ass, in that very moment was were lacrosse would help me to surpass.During the second practice, I met the real coach, Tyler Ayers-Nusbaum. The one who would teach us our skills. Hunter Griffith, the strongest player and arguably the best player, was in awe that he was there again teaching us drills. You see, Tyler surprised the older players with his return and now making us run those dreaded hills. And when he was now they're talking about his newly grown mustache that looked like those 70s pizza delivery guys, that was where I knew this would be a year of thrills. And then at the first game when I didn't have a ride because my parents were working, Tyler offered to drive, and said confidently “Any time you need something, just ask”. From then on he picked me up from home, or school and even the mall once, that was his very Task. He had told me one day “I am great at making titles for papers”. Later I would text him a risk. Well when I needed to pass, all I had to do was ask. He helped me with the title for my end of the year project. And exactly because of that risk, I had passed. The car rides we had together gossiping about the boys on the team, or talking about how we would be supreme, Once even talking about the girl he had just seen. These car rides to the practices, or the games, or the parties, was where I had grown to be the person I had always dreamed.The coach and the team allowed me to be free. They had talked to their parents about me. Even once when someone saw me hand Trent the pants that he forgot at the field was a time when I squealed with glee. A big thanks to lacrosse and Tyler and Trent for helping me be who I wanted to be. 

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