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I'm introvert, I'm reserved and maybe shy The same society that thinks a happy, playful child will turn wayward Interprets too quiet as dumb, so I'm dumb! But I have the most amazing things to say,
I don’t want to be where the people are. I don’t want to see, want to see them dancing. Just want to be home on my Netflix account, Watching TV.   Making small talk doesn’t get you far,
We need to find a leader, But that’s not me. We need someone who can reign us in. But I don’t know who’ll that be.   I don’t want to take over it all, But I don’t know what else to do.
I absorb a tender kiss from the pressed lips that never say “love you,” I dine on a replenished plate while hardly ever murmuring a “thanks.”
Oh! Heart! Why do you choose to stay in a dark room? Why do you have to stay in this heavy storm? Oh!
A love day filled with joy and laughter. Went to the cinema after. A breeze of beauty passed me by. Acknowledgement and denial, My normal self but still a cosmic pawn. Choices are given, options limited.
I desperately Need to be alone  To function correctly Release me of your presence Only for a little while and then return Veer close to me but not too much Everytime some one gets close 
Do you ever feel like you don’t quite belong In the body you call home? I do.   At times, or rather most times, I am so timid that I think I would be better suited
I feel as if I'm a block of chalk who nobody sees Why can't I be seen? Because so many personalities stand out way more pronounce than me I am merely a shadow in their presences
I like being alone, to myself. It gives me time to think, listen, and observe. No crowdsof people complaining about their life. Just.... stillness and calm. Time stops when I'm alone, to myself.
Oh you troubled teachers. Creating a hierarchy based upon grades rather than a strong will to learn. Oh you troubled teachers. Grade-shaming your students who are only trying to get through school
Silence is a rare currency The value's going up With distractions invading our lives Loudness is worshipped Silence is lambasted And the quiet ones are persecuted And the happily lonely are further shunned
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