Introverted Freak


I’m the unfortunate compared to my new peers, each with a very good lookAnd none of them seem at all to be shyEveryone has already become an open bookBut I still stay closed and I don’t know whyI look at my peers and say to myself ”why can’t I be like them?” I’m the unfortunate when the teacher gets us into pairsI always remain to say “ I don’t have a partner”Everyone already pulled away their chairsNo one knows me so I’m not the one they preferI see each pair around me and wonder, “why can’t I be like them?” I’m the unfortunate in a room full of extroverts When one comes to me I can’t seems to speak“Talk you introverted freak”, I say to myself But it’s too late, the extrovert walked away and I guess that really hurtI listen to my peers and I whisper, “why can’t I be like them?” I’m the unfortunate involving class discussionsThe extrovert always having lots to sayBut I still keep myself in a feeling of exclusionBecause I can never find the right words to say in any dayI weep to myself asking, “why can’t I be like them” I’m the unfortunate at a time of noonWhen clock ticks to go out and about But I’m left alone to cry in an empty room Bringing the me the stab of hurt but still I can’t shoutSo I’m left to say, “why can’t I be like them?” I’m the unfortunate around almost every extroverted body Already having ready their party plansWhile I’ll just be home and pretend to studyBut just be outside alone feeling the autumn leaves fall on my handsI’ll look at the dying plant and ask, “why can’t I be like them?” I’m the unfortunate in futures where I stay alone to beWith the extroverted cities shining  all bright Because communication is the keyBut I still quiver to hold it rightSo I just walk alone in the cold world  asking to myself, “why couldn’t I be like them?”

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