The Little Introvert

I don’t want to be where the people are.

I don’t want to see, want to see them dancing.

Just want to be home on my Netflix account,

Watching TV.


Making small talk doesn’t get you far,

Books are required for thinking, advancing,

Growing my brain and studying

For the— Which one is it again?— ACT.


Don’t wanna walk, don’t wanna run,

And when I go out I burn in the sun,

Let me be free, I don’t want to be

Part of that world.


What would I give if I could live 

Without all these people

What would I pay to spend a day

All on my own


Bet at SDCC, they would agree,

Bet they’d even let me cosplay

Buy my ticket, scalped, I’ll pick it

Just to be free.


I don’t wanna party like the people party,

Watching football and hanging o-out.

Who’s the QB and how does he— 

What’s the word?— score?


I don’t want more,

Wouldn’t I love, love to be alone and free of,

All those people I see, don’t want to be

Part of their world.

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