The Voice of an Introvert

I absorb a tender kiss from the pressed lips that never say “love you,”

I dine on a replenished plate while hardly ever murmuring a “thanks.”

I share my inner machinations with the one I’ve never called “best friend,”

I’ve never had someone tell me “you’ll be alright in the end.”


As an only child I’ve grown accustomed to hardly communicating with words,

I never talk about my day, nor about the state of my mother’s health.

However the lack of words is often confused with signs of apathy,

But believe me, silence is a trait that not many are worthy.


“A picture’s worth a thousand words” -- an exhausted, cliché motto,

As is “show, don’t tell” and “actions speak louder than words.”

Before you roll your eyes, have you really taken this into account?

How life thrives on emotion, more than words of any amount?


I continue to live life hardly translating my thoughts into words,

But rather I let them simmer in the chasms of my heart.

Without voice my warmth reverberates most effectively into other’s minds,

Being an introvert is a blessing, a gift to mankind.

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