I'm introvert, I'm reserved and maybe shy
The same society that thinks a happy, playful child will turn wayward Interprets too quiet as dumb, so I'm dumb!
But I have the most amazing things to say,
But it's all in my head and in books, missed out
Cos I'm always never heard
I'm not an icebreaker
So I'll rather fiddle with my phone than socialize
Cos I don't know what to say... No! I don't know how to start
It's not like I don't like people,
But I'd rather be alone than with people who will secretly judge me
So I only pay attention to what's in my head than people.
I love to sit alone in lonely dark corners,
Cos I'm scared I might be out of point
I get wrapped up in anxiety's nest
Who knows what I'll utter next?
Talking between stutters is what happens next!
But I've got more capacity over words
Like so much capacity for talking
So I wanna be like that happy carefree nerd
But I think I enjoy my lonely world
You might think I lack charisma and self confidence
But, this is my alibi
"Quiet is peace of mind!"
You won't regret the words you didn't say.
Maybe I love myself
And this is my only Alibi
I'm not an Attention seeker
NTROVERTS we create the most amazing things.

Light Mark:
I. Am. Introverted.
That means even though she exist within the circle of my fans, hears them quote my nasty sides, she isn't gonna see that.
My own are few.
Am secretive.
Am nice, I listen.
Am evil, I bottle stuff.
Pretence isn't willful.
Deadass sucker for silence!
Ass on cold floor,
Drowned in thoughts,
Didn't notice you were speaking...that's me!
Music is life.
Nonesense is therapy.
Conversation is foreplay!
The more scars the quicker we connect.
I'm different and that's no big deal!
Only expect that you realize that as much as I can be King. I can be kid.
And most of all, I can be as mute as dead whispers.

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