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What poetry has taught me is how to be true, Even though sometimes I haven't a clue. When I feel upset or mad, I pick up my pencil and paper pad. I write down my worries, my future, my fears,
I am a cripple   Not like how you think    I am active    I go to the gym or workout    Go hard    I believe that if your not going all in   
Dear friend: As a person who wants success in such a small town Filled with gloom, praying I prosper and don’t reach my doom.
All my life has been torture bending backwards from the swing of words hanging off the edge of mountain’s wishing someone would stop and pull me
Everyone needs a helping handFor the heart and soul. I talk, listen, and most of all,I care about you. Don't be afraid, you can tell me,And I promise I won't tell.
You may say I am naive,
Pay no attention to the woman behind the  mask. She's just an  illusion of smoke and mirrors, of pulsing lights and   then she's gone.   Pay no attention
Helping people day and night Helping people left and right Rain or shine For Saddness or happy This is my job, my calling, my happening Healing the sick or fixing the disabled
Ignorance is said to be bliss But is it? Surely there must be something inside us something screaming, "Why are you not looking around?!" Instead of acknowledging a homeless man starving
There is only one job for me And that is to be whoever I want to be It shouldn't be all about money it shouldn't be a constant feeling of "love me"  doing the right thing should be the motivation
So many people don't realize, the affect they have on so many lives. A smile, a wave, a sign they care, that's all they really have to share. Say "Hello", or take time to talk,
My goal in life is not to change my own but to bring light to another's. In time of need and suffering, I want to be there. To put a smile on their face,  to ease what is uneasy... that is my life goal.  
A man stumbles in bleeding and burned. Unknown to I  he has 3 children one on the way a wife a family and yet he risks his life for another family up in flames.
A poem from the heart by: Jazmyn Edmonds  
   I have dreams, A nd they all start with "me", The kind of dreams that are bright and colorful and b
Teaching and helping Opening doors for the kids Of our bright future    
Helping people is something that is a passion for me. I dont know what it is but I just enjoy and love helping people. I have been the most caring and giving person since I was just a little girl.
People may walk by  But it doesn't mean you have to. When someone is in need It is the time to distiguish yourself. The little difference to helping to not Will make you the better person in this world.
  Listen! Do you hear that? To the words of the unspoken, To the one, who no one sees, To the child who everyone questions, To the innocent who no one understands,
Life is a list, of things good and bad Things that make us happy, things that make us sad   We have a nice home, to give us shelter from a storm
Some people aren't as lucky as we are.To be able to drive around in fancy cars,and to be able to have a place called home...only few have things they can call their own.
The classrom is a place for students to learn.The chalkboard is a place for teachers to teach.The desk is a place for my hand to practice.But how can I learn in such surroundings?
She sits there, out in front of us, a fearful look scrawled across her face. Her voice , that at first, seems as though it’ll crack; nervous, uncertain, and afraid.
A girl whose soul longs for the extraordinary Yearns and desires adventure and love and joy Her laughter and spirit can fill a skyscraper She cares for all who surround her Her love is loyal, everlasting, true
You see them sitting there Cold on the corner You can't help but stare But what will they care? They've lost their dignity They've lost their pride too So why would they care
Vuela por los cielos, cuida a todos en la Tierra, atraído al combate y a los duelos llegó más alto que la hermosa sierra.
Shoes against pavement, Head towards the ground, Trying to keep out the noises, Trying to keep out the sound.
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