Ignorance Is Not Bliss

Thu, 04/24/2014 - 13:10 -- hopps82


Ignorance is said to be bliss

But is it?

Surely there must be something inside us

something screaming, "Why are you not looking around?!"

Instead of acknowledging a homeless man starving

or the children in front of the store collecting money for children in Haiti

most of us will just look the other way


As people we have the ability to help others 

and there is no reason

there is no excuse

as to why we cannot take a second of our day buying a meal for a homeless man

or dropping at least a penny in a donation box for children in Haiti


There is no survival of the fittest

nor are the rich superior to the poor


If people continue to look the other way then they have lost their sense of humanity

they have disconnected from the world

because they have neglected to acknowledge the people in it that needed their help


One can have all the riches and fame

but they will never truly be happy unless they invest their money and power into something meaningful


It is time that we stop thinking of ourselves and start investing our time into helping others

because if people remain ignorant

they will never know bliss



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