The Dream


A poem from the heart by: Jazmyn Edmonds


We've all heard that famous phrase “I have a dream”,

What once contained meaning, now a daily routine,

 A thing we say because it sounds nice off the tongue, but how many of us have rolled the dice and are truly proud of the outcome?

 Little to none.

See, today a dreamer is that actor you see on the movie screen, and because they've made it, they are living the “dream”.

“Don’t give up on yourselves kids” and follow your “heart”,

 We’re part of a generation so blinded by a lie, for a dream is much more than what meets the eye.


 A dream should be something more selfless you see, like when Martin proclaimed “I have a dream”

A dream not about fame, money or greed

Not cars nor diamonds or personal needs

“Let freedom ring”!

We've grown as a nation but our minds are still small

For all the dreams in the world, if I could pick one, I've made the decision that I would choose none


Our dreams aren't really dreams at all, but gifts we were given before we could crawl

The dancers, the actors, the painters & more, these are your talents and with them you will soar

You can climb any mountain and achieve anything but when will you lay back and finally dream?

Dream of a world where all nations unite

Where we put down our weapons and have no reason to fight

When we take time out and help those in need

When we live to smile and see each other succeed


Our dreams are our callings

And our calling is clear

To help one another and live life without fear

Success is inevitable, and yes this is true, so first and foremost start believing in you

Explore all your talents and open your heart

Smile at your neighbor and enjoy each moment you can

You are a dreamer and this is your land

So if I could grow up to be anything?

If I had one wish and could live out my dreams?

I’d pass along this message to as many can be & if I touch one life,

I've accomplished my dream.


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